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Thank you to all those who contribute!

If you would like to contribute a clip, please set up a free mediafire account, upload the clip, then send me the link to the clip(s). You can send me a link to a folder if there are a number of clips.
Hedher 12/09/2017)
If you have a VHS, DVD or Blu-ray movie that you would like for me to peel a clip from, send me an email for an address to send it to. Also, I have an all-Region DVD player.
Laughing Maniac (11/23/2016)
Right click on clip and "save as"
Alpops (10/01/2016)
The Lizarrd (10/21/2017)
DaStrangler (11/11/2017)
Sydney (08/19/2017)
Big O 08/19/2017
Tricky Dicky (09/09/2017)
Boti the Bunny 09/09/2017
AJ's Undiscovered Clips (12/09/2017)
Harry 09/03/2016)