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(Whitson's Amazing Video Entertainers)
I discovered WAVE in 1992. There was a video store called Video Search of Miami that had alternative production movies and I ordered the movie "Slaughtered Secretaries". That movie was essentially a fetish production, where 2 secretaries were strangled and\or suffocated multiple times. I was extremely impressed and beside myself. I began to order from a catalogue. The movies were all stories of women in peril and every possible demise that you could think of was presented in these movies. Of course, my particular fetish is asphyxiation.
There was hanging, strangling, bagging, stabbing, decapitation, drowning, vore, quicksand, arrows, super hero, shooting, peril escape traps, electrocution, chloroform.

Unfortunately, the original producer passed away several years ago. Some of the original staff are still working with WAVE, such as Gary, Tina, Debbie, Laura and probably others.

I will present a few selected scenes that I have enjoyed, with approval from Gary.
First, I will present a custom story that I had ordered in 1997. This custom was called "George's Daydreams", where a man was ridiculed by several dancers and then fantasied about retribution. There were 3 scenes, but 1 scene was with a model who was quite overweight and not the level of attractiveness that I would consider for the money paid.
The first scene is with Dawn Murphy, where she is strangled manually and drowned in a large tub.
The second scene is with Tina Krause, where she is strangled on her bed with a rope;
tn_wave_georges_daydreams1_strangle_drown_screencap.jpg tn_wave_georges_daydreams2_strangle_screencap.jpg
Dawn strangled and drowned
Tina strangled
As I have mentioned, my very first exposure to WAVE is the video "Slaughtered Secretaries".There are two actresses and each are killed twice. One of the deaths is quite original. The secretary is asphyxiated by a vacuum cleaner and she is wearing a very nice outfit and she kicks quite nicely.
Amanda Madison Asphyxiated
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