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JoeS and Necrobabes
    In order to get a bunch of material reposted, I've started a depository on the site.
Note: you can increase the size of the thumbnails when you get to the file section. You can also tag and zip in bulk for download.
    All I ask in return are your comments (you can post them anonymously on the site). I would like to hear your history with NB. Were you a member years ago or is this material new to you? What stuff do you like? What are some of your early experiences with OUR death fetish? What do you like about YOUR Necrobabes? Of course, I always manage to get mine barefoot, or when Betty and I play dead being unshod is a must, but you also have preferences I would love to hear about.
Necrobabes Photo Depository (09/21/2020)
Photo Set (repose) - Gloria Reyes
Photo Set (repose) - Kayia
Photo Set (repose) - Jenna West
Post Mortem Collection (40,000 images)
Photo Set ("Twins"; asphyxia) - Gia Divine
("Twins" by Gia Divine; asphyxia)) - Thanks to Reja!
Prepared zip files from depository; group images into a single folder.