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My first experience with WAVE was when I ordered Slaughtered Secretaries from Video Search of Miami in 1994. I would consider that my first experience with a "fetish" video. There are not many in the fetish world who has not lusted for Tina Krause. I ordered a custom video from WAVE in 1997 entitled "George's Daydreams", which was later re-titled to "Strangled 1". Below are clips from that video along with a few other choice examples. I would highly recommend some of their classic movies.
*Some Favorite Titles*
Fatal Delusion
Necktie Strangler
Slaughtered Secretaries
Slaughtered Socialites
Home Page
George's Daydreams Intro
George's Daydreams Strangle 1
George's Daydreams Strangle 2
Fatal Delusion Bag
Slaughtered Secretaries Suffocate
Witch Finder 2 Drown
Slaughtered Socialites Strangle
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